High Llamas Website

High Llamas Website

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I used much of the same structure from the Turin Brakes website to update the information architecture for the High Llamas website. Although one of the members was regularly updating content, the band was paying a third party for both web hosting, content managment, and development. The site was hosted on a Microsoft server and the content management was also on a Windows-based system. I helped them move their site to a cheaper hosting platform on a linux-based Apache server with MySQL and set up their account. The developers were kind enough to dump all the user data (for their online forum) and web pages to Excel file and I set up content management with Drupal 7. In the process, I was able to structure their information better and set up relationships between albums and songs similar to the Turin Brakes site so that we didn't have to key in everything by hand.

I didn't do the graphic design of this site, but I had to convert the existing design to a Drupal theme which wasn't too hard - I used the Adaptive Theme.

The final process was to train the web content editor to use the Drupal interface to add news and updates, which was much simpler that I expected it to be (or he just picked it up quickly). I haven't had to do much more development on this site that the original build, but every once in a while, they make a few template updates and I help out. We also added a simple widget for their Twitter feed.

Important notes: 
  • Converted from Windows-based system to open source (Drupal) to save money
  • Ported the site to a new server
  • Designed and built data structure based on Turin Brakes site
  • Converted existing graphic design to Drupal theme and chose some icons for social media
  • Ongoing development to update theme images and add social widgets when requested

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