Mark Dignam's Website

Mark Dignam's Website

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Another site that uses the same structure as the Turin Brakes website was Mark Dignam's website. I also did the design and based it on the latest album graphics. Mark's site had to be moved from static html pages that had at one time been stored in a Wordpress system. I installed Drupal and because there wasn't too much information in the static pages, it was easy to hand-key the information into the new CMS. I also manage the site and the content, with content and gig dates regularly delivered to me from Mark himself and others who have content and videos of Mark.

Since I started from scratch, I used the Adaptive Theme and made all the styles using SASS for CSS.

We are hoping to add a web store in the near future.

Important notes: 
  • Took over management of the server the site and content
  • Installed Drupal CMS using webhost tools
  • Designed and built data structure based on Turin Brakes site
  • Maintain and update site, adding new widgets and social links as necessary

Example pages/images: