Turin Brakes Website (2013-15)

Turin Brakes Website (2013-15)

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I created all the graphics and custom programming for Turin Brakes' 2013 website. I also converted the site from a first-generation Joomla to Drupal 7 content management system. The design was based on the most recent album graphics and the information architecture was developed from the ground up and saved using Drupal contributed module Features. The intent was to use the features for future site design for other music or band websites. I designed a full discography relating all songs and albums and built the structure to include related video, audio (including Spotify), news, and press stories from the site itself as well as all internet sources. This allowed me to create pages consolidating all information about a single album (see photos). The site also included an upcoming gigs list in which events could be listed as one-offs or part of an overall tour.

For the big UK tour in 2013, we also manipulated the Twitter and Instagram APIs to pull fan tweets and images together on single pages for each gig. We called this the tour scrapbook and it was very fun and successful when many fans engaged in the activity. The biggest challenge was getting the word out to a fan-base that wasn't necessarily plugged into the band's social media outlets.

Important notes: 
  • Full graphic design including custom and hand-drawn icons
  • Information structure built from ground up with complex relationships
  • CMS conversion (Joomla to Drupal) that involved export and import of photos and information
  • Custom coding including social media APIs (Twitter, Instagram)
  • Embedded media in several formats

Example pages/images: