Turin Brakes Website (2016)

Turin Brakes Website (2016)

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Turin Brakes Online

Design, graphics, and custom programming for Turin Brakes' 2016 website featuring the album Lost Property. The site is managed in Drupal 7 content management system using the information architecture developed for my 2013 version of the site with a full discography relating all songs and albums, video, audio (including Spotify), news, and press stories from the site itself as well as all internet sources. This allowed me to create pages consolidating all information about a single album (see photos). The site also includes an upcoming gigs list in which events could be listed as one-offs or part of an overall tour.

The homepage design was based on requests from the label, Cooking Vinyl, to consolidate as much information on one page as possible, including feeds from the various social media outlets. Thus, I developed a horizontal scrolling structure that puts all the latest news, including tour dates, at front and center.

Important notes: 
  • Drupal 7 CMS
  • Information structure built from ground up with complex relationships
  • Custom coding including social media APIs (Twitter, Instagram)
  • Twitter Bootstrap template/framework (for Drupal 7)
  • Horizontal scrolling with jQuery
  • Embedded media in several formats
  • Loading screen for media to complete
  • Splash page for hyping album (pre-sale and sale)
  • Responsive design for small screens with compact menu and working horizontal scroll/swipe

Example pages/images: