Second Four-color Intaglio Print

Second Four-color Intaglio Print

I wanted to create a larger multi-color intaglio (drypoint) print after the last one came out better than I expected. This time I went with a much more intricate image and sized it to 10 inches wide by 8 inches high. The larger image and more attention to detail on my part meant that it would take much longer to complete and to print. But it was so worth it. Here are images of the print plates and the print process.

Blue, magenta, and yellow drypoint plates on a black background, each image made up of parallel lines in different directions, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal:

And here are a few photos of the print process showing the inked plates:

And the final print:

I was actually surprised that there was so much light and color in this one because when I was making the plates, it seemed like all the image area would be printed in all the colors, but I paid very close attention to detail in the smallest areas so that it would be as accurate as possible. I printed two proofs, the first one came out very light and I had some major registration issues. Here's that one for comparison: