• All about learning a better way of using carborundum to make collagraphs that I can actually print with the intaglio method.

  • In contemplating the future direction of my art endeavors, I learn how to paint (or print) what I love when it poses materialistic difficulties.

  • After revisiting much-loved printmaking methods with relative success, I branched out with experimental techniques and found I much more practice is needed to master them.

  • Here is the finished print, the final, sixth, color printed was a grayish brown that mostly served to add depth. I've titled it "Riverview Sky."

  • The second to last color on the latest reduction print is dark green. This is the first "dark" color that I've added to the print.

  • I'm up to the fourth color on my latest reduction linocut (two more colors to go). After the blue of the sky was printed, a lot of linoleum was removed, and there's not much area left to take ink because I'm down to mostly accent colors.