June 2016

Sunday at Glastonbury was a more relaxing day as we slept in and decided to plant ourselves at the Pyramid Stage. We caught sets by Laura Mvula, ELO, Beck, and the headliner, Coldplay.

All I can say about Sunday's gigs is that my expectations were blown away. The only one that suffered was Beck who struggled more to whip up a tired rain-soaked crowd. It rained most of the day, but I enjoyed every second of it.


Saturday I woke up to a downpour. I wasn't worried at first, but then I looked over at Jim and noticed his sleeping bag was getting wet. I looked up to see our tent was leaking from water pooling up on the outer fly. I quickly woke him up and then found water dripping into several areas along the bottom of the tent. Jim put on his rain gear and went out to construct a cover for our tent using bin bags over the mesh window at the top.
We were up early enough to catch the Glasto milk truck (who knew? on Twitter as @GlastoMilk), and got milk and orange juice.

Our first full day at Glastonbury Festival was Thursday. I finally got a decent night of sleep, but not before needing headphones to drown out the constant talking, laughing, and sometimes even yelling. I was awakened in the morning by someone playing mandolin in the next tent. Jim and I decided to get up and go find coffee - which happened to be right down the hill from our camp site. People were eating gigantic sausages at the breakfast tent, but all I could think of was getting coffee. Andy and Caroline slept in, and we couldn't even "text them up" with a coffee offer. 

We woke up Wednesday morning to warnings to stay away from Glastonbury due to huge traffic delays - in fact, the number one trending topic on Twitter was "Glastonbury Traffic." We decided to wait and hope the early arrivers would help us by drying out the mud on their way to the campgrounds. Yes the mud!! We were also flooded with Twitter images of people slogging their way through ankle-deep mud.

Day 2 - 21 June - started on the airplane. The flight was about 6.5 hours. We watched the movie "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" which contained a quote that may become my go-to phrase for the rest of this week: "You embrace the suck. You move forward."

When I started writing this, it was 2 pm and we're on our way to Toronto. From Toronto, we're flying to London, England, and from there heading to Exeter by train to meet up with our great friends Andy and Caroline to begin the adventure of a lifetime - and something I never thought I'd do.

This may be the most difficult thing I ever write. I will cry while writing it so be warned: the page is wet and may warp while you're reading.

I recently lost a friend. Not recently in the past month or so, but recently in, like, the last two weeks. He was one of the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure to know. He was one of the greatest people anyone had the pleasure to know. And he knew a LOT of people. He LOVED a lot of people. And a LOT of people loved him. I don't know how someone who was so loving and so loved could ever have lost the will to live.

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