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I've gone into data analysis mode today. Because that's what I do. I downloaded the data points from my Garmin and plotted them in Excel. Because that's what I do.

First... here's the map that I uploaded to Google Maps.. so you can see the actual route Nancy and I took around the Island of Key West on Saturday, June 24, 2017. It gets funky in the final few miles but I have no explanation for that. Maybe I kept losing the signal when I stopped (my hand could have been underwater).

And below are my Excel charts from the race: my pace charts in both minutes per mile and minutes per 100 yards (which is actually more how I think of pace as a swimmer who trains in a 25 yard pool). Note, the official race results had my averages at 1:22/100 yd, 24.00 min/mile, and 2.50 mph. My Garmin stats had my totals at 2.73 miles swam in 4:59:47 with averages of 1:20 min/100 yd, 23.55 min/mile, and 2.54 mph.

Because I'm a nerd, I proceeded with plotting points on maps and charts to describe my swim around Key West. With Google Map of my specific course and Excel spreadsheet charts of my pace and averages.

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